As the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic linger into a second year, it’s clear that working remotely is not going away any time soon. Offices were once the central repository of company files where everybody had what they needed just down the hallway in the file room. Now, employees are working remotely and critical business documents are not easily at hand. This decentralization can slow down workflows, and inhibit productivity.

Thankfully, at West Coast Archives, we have not only one solution, but two! First, we recommend scanning documents that are frequently used in your business or are often needed for employee collaboration. Scanned documents can be hosted virtually in our online system for 24/7 access. The second solution is off-site records storage with Scan on Demand delivery. This way, documents can still be retained for compliance purposes, not take valuable space in an otherwise empty office, and still be quickly accessible if needed.

Scan and Store

high speed scanning for remote workers

For documents that remote workers need to access frequently, West Coast archives can collect those records from their current location and digitize them with our high-speed scanners. Then, using Optical Character Recognition Technology, these scans can be made searchable and quickly organized in our system. After being digitized, the hardcopy documents can then be returned to you, or stored in our secure, state of the art warehouse. We also allow you to review the scanned records to ensure their accuracy. After determining that the scanned documents are an accurate representation of the hardcopy file, WCA can securely shred the paper files to prevent information from falling into the wrong hands.

Scan on Demand

about West Coast Archives document management

Got documents that aren’t used day to day but you may need to access in the future? West Coast Archives recommends storing these in hard copy form in our secure, climate controlled records center. These documents will be indexed and barcoded so that with a simple online request one of our records center specialists can quickly locate the file or files you require and deliver them within one business hour. Want those same records digitally? Our high-speed document scanning center can scan them for you and securely upload the digital files straight to your computer. This way you can get your documents quickly and avoid cluttering up your office with bulky file boxes.

Saving Space Means Saving Money

No matter what form of delivery you choose to use to view your documents stored with us, storing documents remotely and only accessing what you need is a cost-saving alternative to fully scanning all your files all at once. Plus, keeping your documents stored off site can save on the cost of renting office space. Call us today and let West Coast Archives take care of your documents so you can keep your remote workers connected and your data secure!