Offsite Electronic Data Back Up

Cost-effective, secure, and disaster-proof

Storing data electronically with West Coast Archives is easy, instant, and reliable. Our electronic vaulting backs up files up to 400% faster than traditional methods, freeing up more of your work time. And with four unique encryption algorithms, we’ll keep your data secure.

Use our cost-effective Evault system and you’ll also enjoy:

  • A reliable, cost-effective alternative to tape backup
  • Significant savings on storage space—we offer compressed data stored in a file much smaller than the original
  • Automatic backup—no manual prompting required
  • Delta processing cuts backup time by only adding new files or portions of existing that have changed since the last backup
  • Secure storage in West Coast Archives’ data center—but accessible 24/7 if you need to restore
  • Quick, accurate restoration from any disruption—power outages, system failure, or human error
  • A service configured to allow you to streamline and manage offsite disaster planning and business continuity planning

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