“We’re running out of space for all these files.”

“Should we put our files in a safe place in case of a disaster at our location?”

“Let’s get everything stored in the cloud for all our remote workers.”

Between letting all your documents pile up in your office and digitizing every last interdepartmental memo into the cloud, there is a happy medium. Many office managers and information management departments find themselves walking a narrow path. Some people want to rush into a purely cloud-based solution with every scrap of data available instantly. Other folks want to stay focused on operational costs and balk at spending on anything they don’t see as vital to operations. How can you find a way to keep everyone happy?

Assess Your Current Document Management Situation

Where are your organization’s information “pain points”? Do people spend a lot of time trying to locate files in your office or, is the latest worry what will happen to everyone’s files in case of a fire? Having a plan in place that eases everyone’s worries is great, but you also want an efficient solution that works with your operating budget.


Knowing the best workflow for your situation can save valuable resources for all involved. Here are some common document management issues and some ways West Coast Archives can provide cost-effective solutions.

Want to Save time?

With all your records in one place, there is no guesswork on a file’s location. Our document storage service provides you with a digital cataloging system to easily retrieve your data on an as-needed basis. 

Need to increase work-from-home productivity?

With the sharp increase in work-from-home employees, getting the right documents to the right people quickly can be challenging. We can help with our Find it-Scan it-Send it service. Let us know which documents in storage need to be digitized. We will scan them digitally and route the files to the right people.

Worried about sensitive data being stored at your company?

Having your customers’ data fall into the wrong hands is every information manager’s nightmare. Many people may not realize that any paper put out for recycling is considered “public domain” in the eyes of the law. West Coast Archives can eliminate that risk by keeping your records stored safely until needed as well as securely shredding any documents without risk.


Need help to Manage flow of information?

Our secure tracking system will give you a trail of who has accessed which documents. West Coast Archives offers custom data solutions which can be configured to work with the unique needs of your business. 

Store and Save.

Since it’s much more cost effective to store paper documents remotely, you will save money by only requesting the digitization of your documents on an as-needed basis.

Reduce your need for office space.

With bulky documents stored elsewhere at a cheaper rate, there’s a reduced need for more expensive commercial space square footage.

Reduce Your Document Management Risk.

Worried about a disaster such as a fire or flood wiping out your files? It’s more important than ever to keep valuable data in a secure location.  West Coast Archives provides temperature controlled storage only accessible by vetted personnel. 

Wrapping it up…

While transitioning to a document storage system can seem like a big task, it’s important to keep focused on the big picture. You are creating a way for everyone to benefit from increased efficiency and productivity. Plus, by storing bulky records off-site, you can actually reduce your operating costs by less need for commercial space. Also, you will have another feature of your business to offer your clients which is increased data security. And overall, everyone will benefit from reduced stress and better peace of mind knowing their data is in good hands.