Has increased remote work led to piles of files in your employees’ new home offices?

Most of the time paper recycling is touted as a good thing to do, but NOT when it comes to anything dealing with personal information. Meeting notes, clinical records, legal information and staff disciplinary actions could easily fall into the wrong hands if an employee working from home unwittingly puts them out on the curb to be recycled.

Help safeguard your sensitive data from an inadvertent data breach by taking advantage of our Fall Cleaning special.

For $75, a WCA Representative can visit you or your employee’s home office with a 64-gallon shred bin.
You or your employee will have 45 minutes to fill the bin with paper to be shredded while we wait in the vehicle.
Once the bin is loaded, the WCA representative will transport it to our secure destruction facility to be shredded.
A certificate of destruction will be provided for regulatory purposes as proof of destruction.

Got Data?
Electronic data or hard drives can also be securely destroyed for an additional $15 fee per item. Time over 30 minutes will be billed at $50 per 15 minute increment.   In times like these, a little peace of mind can go a long way. Make sure your clients’ data stays safe and your home office stays clutter free!

Prices are valid until October 15, 2020.Please note that paper shredding is required in order to have electronic devices recycled.

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