Wouldn’t it be amazing to have all those boxes and boxes of files out of your workspace but still be able access them on short notice?

Even better, what if you could get those files delivered right to your computer or phone?

client downloading a file scanned by west coat archives

Now it’s possible with West Coast Archives’ Scan On Demand service!

A lot of people may know us as an archives facility, but we can also provide scanning and digitizing of any documents we have in storage. Just send us a request for the files you need, and our high speed scanners can easily scan and digitize only the files you need. Then, we can send you electronic versions of your documents either on a USB drive or directly to your email in-box.

“I have been using West Coast Archives for several years now and could not be happier. It is a pleasure when I need my files sent to me, I no longer have clutter around my office, everything is kept clean and organized. I can’t say enough good things about this company.” ~ L. Hauser

Scan On Demand is a great solution for:

Financial records and tax documents
Historical Archives
Legal files
Medical records

do you need to find a good document management system

Scan on Demand is Green and Cost Effective

Many companies looking to downsize their office footprint realize just how much rented space can be taken up by boxes and boxes of old records. Being able to store those records at our secure facility can save thousands in commercial rental fees.

And, should you need to retrieve any documents in storage, having them scanned, digitized and electronically is a more environmentally friendly method than delivery by vehicle.

group of remote employees connected via the internet

Got Remote Employees?

If you have employees working remotely (and who doesn’t these days?), scanning and digitizing documents is a perfect way to send documents out to multiple recipients at once.

“Had a wonderful West Coast Archives experience. They delivered accurate, beautiful scans without damaging any of my papers and it quickly turned around. I’d do business with them again quickly!” ~ D. Sanders

Need your documents scanned? Contact West Coast Archives today!