At home Shredding Service for remote workers

Don’t let documents fall into the wrong hands!

Worried about Sensitive Data at your employees home offices?

Having sensitive information fall into the wrong hands is every business’ nightmare. Many people may not realize that any paper put out for recycling is considered “public domain” in the eyes of the law.

How to safeguard your information?

West Coast Archives now offers a one time residential shredding pickup service. We can make a trip to your employee’s home and pick up files that are no longer required and securely destroy them.

How it works:

For one flat fee per location, We will bring a 64 gallon bin for you to fill with paper while the driver waits for up to 30 minutes for it to be filled and removed. The contents will be securely destroyed and a certificate of destruction provided.

Please note that paper shredding is required in order to have electronic devices recycled.

Do you need us to come to you? Please fill out the form below and we will call you to schedule a time to come by.

Cost for this one time service is $75 per 30 minute shredding visit. There is an additional charge for electronics destruction of $15 per item. Each stop includes a West Coast Archives employee bringing an empty shred bin and waiting, outside in the vehicle, for up to 30 minutes while you load the bin. Time over 30 minutes will be billed at $50 per 15 minute increment.

Prices are valid until October 15, 2020.

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