100% Certified Recycling & Document Shredding Services In Los Angeles, CA

As part of our storage, management, and scanning programs, WCA offers only 100% Certified Document Shredding in Los Angeles CA. Other service providers merely “destroy” documents, which means that your confidential archives may change hands several times along a loose chain of custody before they are ultimately recycled elsewhere.

WCA only provides Certified Document, DVD, Film, Video and Paper Shredding Service in Los Angeles: all items that are earmarked for disposal are securely shredded with a SHREDDING CERTIFICATE issued by WCA. We do all of our Document shredding services in Los Angeles, so we can guarantee that its been done properly, securely and immediately. We then recycle all of the materials to make sure that we are as “green” as possible.  Give WCA a call to make sure your shredding is done PROPERLY.

  1. In addition, we offer flexible options for shredding:
  2. On-Site Certified Shredding services in Los Angeles with our mobile service vehicles that come to your office.
  3. We can place secure bins in your office that are automatically picked up and Certified Shredded by WCA.
  4. WCA Drop ‘N Shred allows clients to drop off individual boxes or entire pallets for Certified Shredding at our warehouse.

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