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Need a secure document scanning services in the Los Angeles area?
West Coast Archives has you covered. We can handle high speed file scanning
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“Had a wonderful West Coast Archives experience. They delivered accurate, beautiful scans without damaging any of my papers and it quickly turned around. I’d do business with them again quickly!” – D. Sanders

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Got Remote Workers? We can help!

With the rise in remote workers, being able to have multiple workers access data quickly and securely is vital. If you need to distribute your documents to your employees, document scanning is your best option. West Coast Archives can scan your files and upload digital copies wherever you need them.

Go from this

do you need to find a good document management system

To this!

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With West Coast Archives’ scan on demand file scanning service you can have fast seamless digital access to all your paper documents

No more time spent searching through boxes of files
Save valuable office space with our secure storage
Expert digitization only when you need it
Download digital copies of your documents
Need documents scanned on site? We can come to you!

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Document Storage

document storage

Secure Shredding

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Document Digitizing

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Custom Data Solutions

west coast archives has custom data solutions to help your business run efficiently

Priority Rush Services

west coast archives priority rush services

Off-Site Data Backups

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West Coast Archives: Document Management services in the Los Angeles area

Professional HIPAA-compliant shredding.

Secure off-site data backups

High speed scan on-demand for stored files

Custom data solutions to help manage your data

Priority rush delivery of requested files

Secure climate-controlled off site file storage

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