Document Storage and Records Management Los Angeles, CA

WCA provides all aspects of box and file storage in our state-of-the-art facility, centrally located in the heart of Los Angeles. With the incredible growth of business documents, the demand of immediate accessibility, while ensuring compliance, security, and confidentiality makes managing all of your documents challenging. Using a professional archival storage and records management service company like West Coast Archives can provide you with the total solution for your business.

Financial institutions, large and small companies, law firms, accounting firms, government agencies, hospitals, medical offices and entertainment companies are all responsible for maintaining and safeguarding not only their own vital records, but also the records of their clients and patients.

WCA protects you by minimizing the likelihood of litigation losses resulting from lost documents, leading to unfavorable audit findings and penalties while also resulting in your firm suffering from image loss. Our Los Angeles record management services increase accuracy, reduce labor costs, improve efficiency and help you meet your retention and corporate and governmental compliance mandates.

Our document destruction services are a convenient and cost-effective solution for the proper disposal of your records. Our trained professional records management in Los Angeles staff uses the most secure practices at every step in handling and destroying your records, including a secure chain of custody at all times.

Let us show you how we can partner with your business to leverage time, staff, knowledge and resources.

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