Offsite Electronic Data Back Up

Storing data electronically at WCA is easy, instant and reliable. In fact, WCA’s electronic vaulting backs up files up to 400% faster than traditional methods freeing up work time for other important matters.

Four different encryption algorithms are used to safeguard data. Data is encrypted as it leaves the client’s data center and then another over-the-wire encryption is used as its transmitted to our secure facility.

Electronic vaulting saves significant storage space. Compressed data is stored in a much smaller file than its original size. For example, one client needed to store two terabytes of recoverable data. When compressed, the file size was only 160 gigabytes.

WCA Evault is a reliable, cost-effective alternative to tape backup, particularly when you factor in staff time associated with tape usage, hardware purchases and the unreliability of tape backups.

There are additional benefits to using WCA Evault. Specifically:

Speed of data retrieval can be improved by up to 95%
Automatic backup; no manual prompting necessary
Delta processing cuts down time required for backups — Only adds new files and portions of existing files that have changed since the last backup
Stored in WCA’s secure data center, yet accessible 24/7/365 should you need to restore
Quick, accurate restoration regardless of the type of business disruption – system failure, power outages or human error
Configured to allow clients to streamline and manage offsite disaster planning and business continuity planning

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