About Us

Total control of your storage boxes and vital records has never been so easy.

Are all of those boxes of paper around your office making your workspace cluttered and disorganized?? How do you comply with all of the current Federal, State and Local laws regarding retaining these files while doing so in a cost effective and efficient way? It’s true that managing all of your boxes and vital work documents throughout their life cycle can seem like an overwhelming proposition. That’s why West Coast Archives (WCA) has created a completely new kind of records management company—with a fresh, powerful, modern approach and client services unlike any other. Let us help!

By bringing together 4th-generation industry expertise with today’s latest technology, WCA has been built from the ground up to provide innovative services that help you increase efficiency, optimize your expensive office space, and simplify all aspects of your company’s records management program.

With operational mastery of the basics—like document management, storage and retrieval, as well as more advanced services like our electronic signature confirmation and free web access to all of your records we offer easy ways to take control of every stage of a document’s life cycle—so you can focus on your core business.

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